World VoIP NewsD-Link offers hybrid Power Line RouterD-Link offers hybrid Power Line Router

D-Link offers hybrid Power Line Router

D-Link offers hybrid Power Line Router
Company D-Link® has announced general availability of its Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320), a synergy networking solution for expanding wired and wireless residential networks throughout the house by engaging into a home's electrical wiring. This unique technical IPv6-ready network solution unites PowerLine 200 Mbps technology with a Wireless-N router and Ethernet ports, providing users with two connectivity options to extend home network coverage and use high-bandwidth applications such as VoIP telephony, HD video formats, multimedia and others.
"As the amount of high-bandwidth Internet-based content viewed and shared in today's homes continues to grow exponentially, superior network coverage is essential," said Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. "With this combination router and D-Link's line of PowerLine accessory products, we're able to provide consumers with a simple way to extend their networks into 'dead zones' where wireless coverage has previously been limited or spotty, such as a basement, an upstairs bedroom, or other hard to reach locations."

PowerLine's extended coverage can be outreached without any additional drilling, hardy installations or messy wires. Just plug the DHP-1320 into an electrical outlet and the technology distributes broadband to Internet-connected devices both wirelessly and through the electrical wiring in a home. D-Link® PowerLine adapters then plug into outlets anywhere in the home to extend wired coverage to additional home locations and appliances where coverage is restricted due to any other reasons.

The DHP-1320 also gives IPv6 support, making users to future-proof their home networks for the next-generation of the Internet, ensuring connectivity with new wireless devices for years to come. Additional features of the Hybrid Wireless-N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320) include a massive array of features and capabilities.

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