World VoIP NewsDemand on Nortel VoIP Phones is increasing dramaticallyDemand on Nortel VoIP Phones is increasing dramatically

Demand on Nortel VoIP Phones is increasing dramatically

Demand on Nortel VoIP Phones is increasing dramatically
Multinational telecom equipment producer Nortel is boasting to have Nortel IP phones for Business Communications Manager (BCM), Nortel Communication Server and Meridian Telephone Systems are in high demand.
So, for instance, on-line wholesale business phone appliances distributor ‘’Telephone Magic” attributes the newly expanded and updated product line of Nortel VoIP telephones, key expansion modules, and power supplies as general reasons for the growing demand.

“We are observing many companies maintaining and upgrading the IP investment they made in the past ten to twelve years,” said CEO of Telephone Magic Jeffrey Jackson. “As Nortel was an early leader in these fields of business telecommunications, it is not surprising Nortel IP telephones and accessories remain very popular.”

As a leader in VoIP telephony and telephone systems, Nortel Networks has always performed dominating market segments of the IP pie. Nortel BCM, Nortel Communication Servers, and IP-enabled Meridian business designation phone system platforms aimed to the tops in many countries because of Nortel’s strong IP portfolio and reliable most innovative VoIP switching technologies.

In a situation when small businesses could simultaneously implement Nortel Norstar and Nortel IP phones on the BCM 50 expanded the whole dominance in the market and industry. The BCM line of business IP phone systems performs VoIP capability and an “all in the box” feature array that is activated by buying a license.

Meridian 1 PBX phones have been utilized by numerous large enterprises in the North America and U.K. While some of them continue to operate with IP-enabled Meridian systems, most have long since upgraded to Nortel Communication Server versions. A group of Nortel IP phones operates with each of these individual platforms. Earlier last year, Nortel announced that Genband is purchasing Nortel’s VoIP business.

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