World VoIP NewsDigium invites VoIP software contributors to participate in Developer DaysDigium invites VoIP software contributors to participate in Developer Days

Digium invites VoIP software contributors to participate in Developer Days

Digium invites VoIP software contributors to participate in Developer Days
Enterprise Digium as the Asterisk manufacturer has initiated the procedures to invite software vendors and others contributors to Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) platform to participate in dedicated AstriCon Developer Days.
This set of developer conferences is scheduled for the days before and following the annual AstriCon conference. The Asterisk conference is planned to be started on October 24 2011, and the Asterisk SCF meeting will follow on October 28. AstriCon will run Tuesday through Thursday of that week at the Westin Westminster in Denver, Colorado. Developers who have contributed code to the two open source Digium’s projects are authorized to attend these special events at no cost beyond the AstriCon registration fee. The aim of the conferences is to give developers the opportunity to help define, by means of interactive forums, the general direction of every project. Registration for the conference is available through July 10, 2011.

"Asterisk has long drawn its strength from its energetic community, which includes hundreds of active developers," said Bryan M. Johns, community director at Digium. "We receive continuous feedback from developers and other enthusiasts, but want to invite and encourage involvement in the events that we're creating specifically for them. We think the open forum and ability to receive instant feedback and reaction to suggestions and comments will be invaluable for all participants."

Asterisk is the most prominent open source software for launching business phone systems and other communications applications. IT pros, telephony aficionados and software developers have downloaded Asterisk millions of times since its creation in 1999 and are using it in nearly every country of the world. Digium announced Asterisk SCF at AstriCon 2010 to enable the creation of real-time communications applications that include voice, video and text and that meet the demands of embedded applications to enterprise and carrier solutions. Asterisk SCF is aimed to deliver the highest standards of availability, scalability, extensibility, and fault-tolerance.

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