World VoIP NewsDigium provides the statistics on Asterisk use in 2010Digium provides the statistics on Asterisk use in 2010

Digium provides the statistics on Asterisk use in 2010

Digium provides the statistics on Asterisk use in 2010
Global VoIP celebrity Digium, a creator and primary sponsor of the Asterisk telephony application, enjoying the impressive results: the year is marked by growth in the use of Asterisk and considerable technical upgrades in the product.
In accordance with the official statement, overall contributions from the open source community completely matched Digium's investment in Asterisk over the 2010. it is reported that more than 9,800 individuals have contributed code to Asterisk, including more than 200 who operated with on Asterisk 1.8. Upon the release version 1.8 in October, the growth continued later that month when the vendor also announced a new open source project, Asterisk SCF. The eagerness for Asterisk from developers, resellers and systems administrators also grown up as they downloaded the software more than two million times in 2010. VoIP application Asterisk turns a computer into a communications server that can run IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and other communication applications.

"Asterisk has made an indelible impression on the voice communications industry in the 11 years since it was released," said Bryan Johns, Digium's community director. "Its appeal keeps growing as businesses look for the value, flexibility, standards compliance and the technical superiority that result from the contributions of thousands of talented and visionary software developers. Digium is proud to sponsor Asterisk and to be a part of its community, which now counts 73,000 registered members. The company continues to focus on Asterisk's development, as we saw with the release of Asterisk 1.8 this fall and with the creation of a new open source project in Asterisk SCF."

Digium’s new product, so called ‘’Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework’’ being the new framework under development now, will allow developers to set up real-time communications applications that will consist with voice, video and text and that address the demands of a full range of utilities, from embedded applications to enterprise and carrier solutions. Digium designed Asterisk SCF to provide the highest levels of availability, scalability, extensibility, fault-tolerance and performance. Asterisk SCF does not replace Asterisk; Digium is aggressively developing both projects in parallel.

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