World VoIP NewsEasybell creates New VoIP Test serviceEasybell creates New VoIP Test service

Easybell creates New VoIP Test service

Easybell creates New VoIP Test service
German Telecom services provider Easybell declared it has launched a new dedicated service that will designed to test their new Easybell DSL/phone bunch for actually switching. The service will help potential customers to try Easybell's connections to VoIP phones through their existing DSL connections.
The VoIP test service includes a local phone number with incoming and outgoing call capabilities and costs EUR 9.95 including EUR 10 call credit. Calls to local fixed networks cost EUR 0.0098 per minute and calls to German mobile network start at EUR 0.098 per minute.

If clients make a solution to switch to a Telefon/DSL-Komplett tariff from Easybell, they receive another EUR 10 call credit for free.

Thera is a steady and robust growth in the interest in VoIP phones throughout Europe, the technology is becoming increasingly affordable and sophisticated, so this drive on actual VoIP testing service is highly ‘’neck-timed’’.

As we informed previously, in June 2010, snom technology AG, a creator and producer of advanced voice over IP phones for business and residential markets, started the campaign on the snom 821, a new desktop IP phone with all the advanced functionality and interoperability of other snom 8xx series phones, as well as a new integrated gigabit switch. Official statement says , that snom 821 comes in both light and dark colors, exactly like its brother model - the snom 870. The snom 821 is expected to be fully available in the United States by the end of the second quarter.

“As desktop phones continue to migrate from being voice-centric devices to acting as complete dashboards for unified communications, the speed of application execution is becoming more and more critical,” said Dr. Michael Knieling, executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom technology AG, in a statement.

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