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Encryption protocol of Skype reported to be cracked

Hacker, going by the name of ‘Sean O’Neil’ claims to have cracked the Skype’s proprietary encryption protocols that protect the VoIP company’s intellectual property.
Hacker’s blog is no longer available, and aggregator site ‘’Reddit’’ removed it from its list, but in saved cached version ‘’Sean O’ Neil’’ writes:

“For over 10 years, Skype enjoyed selling the world security by obscurity. We must admit, really good obscurity. I mean, really really good obscurity. So good that almost no one has been able to reverse engineer it out of the numerous Skype binaries. Those who could, didn’t dare to publish their code, as it most certainly looked scarier than Frankenstein.”

Then hacker decided to reveal the breach of encryption, after reported further leak of codes to third parties , such as other hackers and spammers. ‘’Sean O’Neil ’ said ‘’’We did not wish to be held responsible for our code being abused. So we decided that the time has come for all the IT security experts to have it.”

However, there is no independent evidence of the encryption breach. Skype keeps silence, and there are no any public statements on the claims.

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