World VoIP NewsEricsson pioneereing  VoLTE solutions in US and South Korea Ericsson pioneereing VoLTE solutions in US and South Korea

Ericsson pioneereing VoLTE solutions in US and South Korea

Ericsson pioneereing  VoLTE solutions in US and South Korea
Enterprise Ericsson has organized very first commercial deployment of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on the global level has happened in South Korea and the US, promoted by Ericsson.
In August 2012, VoLTE applications were commenced in South Korea by SK Telecom and LG U+, the regional biggest and one of the global largest telecom operators; MetroPCS has initiated the services in the United States. Just prior the launches, telecom operators had only deployed LTE networks for data, and 2G or 3G connectivity for VoIP services. "I greet all these operators on this superb performance," said Johan Wibergh, Head of Business Unit Networks at Ericsson. "Telecommunications are rapidly drifting into cloud and VoIP over commercial mobile broadband LTE networks for the first time. This is a really benchmarking moment in the telecom realm. "We see ever growing operator involvement in VoLTE around the globe, and we look forward to expand the market massively in 2013." Ericsson has backed up SK Telecom, LG U+ and MetroPCS in the process of deployment by delivering associated products and services, and will keep pace supporting the three operators to more penetration and improving their VoLTE-associated services. Ericsson's end-to-end VoLTE products package is compound with the IMS such as MTAS (Multimedia Telephony Application Server), LTE Radio Access Network, Evolved Packet Core OSS and other dedicated services. For VoLTE integration with legacy networks, the portfolio also consists with the support within GSM/WCDMA RAN, Mobile Softswitch Solution, EPC and the CDMA basic portfolio. The special Ericsson RCS (Rich Communication Suite) solution delivers a dynamic attachment to enhance telecoms services.Ericsson also integrates tightly with general device vendors on mutual suitability testing on the company's portfolios and applications, to back up commercial readiness of VoLTE hardware and networks around the globe. Having VoLTE as a platform, users become capable to implement telecom-level HD voice, video conferencing and other new richer telecoms services on LTE smartphones. This provides for operators a useful set of thoroughly standardized, telecom level quality services to conjoin with fast mobile broadband applications. These products use a traditional mobile-telephony (MSISDN or Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network) phone number, when VoLTE deliver to the operator true telephony values within total all-IP mobile-broadband, including universal interoperability, QoS, dynamic and effective roaming and smooth mobility between any mobile items, in framework of any access technology. Having deployed VoLTE, as voice as LTE data processing can be leveraged simultaneously on LTE smartphones. Operating VoLTE is also more bandwidth efficient compared to operating VoIP over 2G or 3G, which ensures the opportunity for more efficient radio resources utilization when integrating mobile spectrum.

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