World VoIP NewsETECSA mobile subs to top one millionETECSA mobile subs to top one million

ETECSA mobile subs to top one million

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State-owned incumbent telecoms operator Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba (ETECSA) predicts that the number of wireless subscribers on its network will reach a million by the end of this year.
Speaking to the Prensa Latina news agency, ETECSA's vice-president of mobile services, Maximo Lafuente, revealed that Cuba has invested USD150 million in the development of the island’s mobile industry since 2003. ‘This year, ETECSA will make the necessary investments to end 2010 with one million subscribers,’ the executive said, adding that the company aims to increase its wireless customer base to 2.4 million by 2015. Lafuente also announced that ETECSA will launch a new promotion on 1 June enabling cellular users to make cost savings on calls made between 11pm and 6.59am, while a new calling party pays (CPP) system will also be introduced on that date, although subscribers will still have the option of a collect call service. According to the executive, rates for national and international calls will also fall by between 42% 75% depending on the destination.

Of the island's 169 municipalities, 146 are covered to some extent by ETECSA’s mobile network; the remaining 23 are located in rural or mountainous areas and have no degree of coverage. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, ETECSA is owned by the Cuban government (73%) and Telecom Italia (TI, 27%). At the end of 2009 the company had an estimated mobile subscriber base of 620,000, up from 330,000 reported by TI a year earlier.

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