World VoIP NewsExplanations of Skype on recent outageExplanations of Skype on recent outage

Explanations of Skype on recent outage

Explanations of Skype on recent outage
Skype CIO Lars Rabbe has provided the explanations on recent Skype VoIP services outage, saying that one particular version of the company’s Windows customer as a reason of the event. As it is written Skype’s official blog, an IM server overload caused v.5.0.0152 to crash; due to the fact, that more than 50-percent of customers globally were working with that version, the unexpected shutdown faced 25- to 30- percent of the supernodes going offline.
Disregard the fact, that a majority of supernodes were still available, particular in- built safety algorithm designed to protect them once overloaded traffic attempt to connect kicked in when load across the remaining servers suddenly ramped up. These Windows users attempting to reset the v5.0.0152 application also added to the streamline. Rabbe depicts that as a feedback loop, with each crash cycle knocking down more supernodes.

Skype has stated the lessons learned activities, informing customers about continuous examination of its software for potential issues, and providing ‘hotfixes’ when needed, for download or automatic delivery to clientele. Company says that a bug was identified in Skype for Windows (version, with consequent fix to v5.0 of software before the incident, and promising further updates for downloads in forms of automatic updates. Moreover, Skype has already launched new beta to replace the flawed Windows version, and is looking at changing its testing processes so as to avoid similar bugs making it through again. Meanwhile the paid and enterprise services will be ensured in next year with a new set of capital investments. In particular, affected users will be provided with free call time.

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