World VoIP NewsFacebook is getting ready for VoIP telecommunicationsFacebook is getting ready for VoIP telecommunications

Facebook is getting ready for VoIP telecommunications

Facebook is getting ready for VoIP telecommunications
The statistics data winner, but controversial online privacy fosterer Facebook is becoming ready to initiate VoIP telecommunications business, according to a certain signals and leaks on its website.
The leak left one Facebook user with the opportunity to call a friend via the Facebook website. No any additional details were provided, however a Facebook VoIP service could be in a perfect fit with the company’s highlighted development plans for personal information domination.

Facebook has recently implemented massive efforts to enter the attractive messaging business and introduction of a VoIP component to enable that makes absolute business sense. Such developments were foreseen by independent VoIP associated analytics last year, when Facebook messaging software has been launched. 

As per VoIP services experts, the stipulations on the Facebook VoIP service appears to be more reasonable, given that the outfit recently went ahead with plans to allow develpers to have access to users personal data, such as home addressees and phone numbers. However, Facebook was forced to execute the reversal moves just several days later, following a public outcry, though it announced the feature will be returned in the future, once company will eliminate certain security flaws.

Rumors on the expected appearance of a Facebook VoIP service was backed up by further information, that smartphone maker HTC is planning to conjoin with Zuckerberg.

By handling provisional VoIP phone calls between Facebook users, company knows that the two profiles have a valuable link. It is a way of sorting so- called 'Facebook friends' from real friends, with the latter being far more valuable for Facebook. A Facebook VoIP service coupled to any phone HTC or anyone else makes is just the tip of the iceberg for Facebook. The mobile phone will allow Facebook far greater access than ever before into the actions, whereabouts and habits of its users, which is just what advertisers are frantically seeking for.

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