World VoIP NewsFiber-optic technologies for cell centers in Cebu provinceFiber-optic technologies for cell centers in Cebu province

Fiber-optic technologies for cell centers in Cebu province

Fiber-optic technologies for cell centers in Cebu province
Prospects of Cebu province to attract more outsourcing investments are growing as national carrier Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., Inc. is about to finish the expansion of its Domestic Fiber Optic Network (DFON).
"This adds to the total capability of Cebu: call centers look at an area’s capability to meet their future growth requirements," said Joel Mari S. Yu, managing director of Cebu Investment Promotions Center (CIPC).

"Improved capability increases Cebu’s competitiveness and makes it a better product. Hopefully, it will also lower [broadband] costs," he added.

Four prominent enterprises are looking forward to set up contact centers in Cebu in 2011 whilst two others are going to enlarge their existing appearance there.

Mr. Yu noted, that the appearance of new call center investors is expected to bring up 8,000 to 10,000 jobs, or about a sixth of the 60,000 new jobs predicted to be created by the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in the country next year.

He named one of the four companies as IBM Philippines. IBM also opened in Cebu a global delivery center, as a second in the country, early this year.

He refused to name the three others, except to say they were in various stages of preparations for their call center operations here. All will provide both voice and non- voice services.

Financial services enterprise JPMorgan Chase & Co., which currently employs 600 people in its newly opened call center for its Chase Card Services operations at the Asiatown IT Park, is looking forward to boost up its employees amount to 2,000 next year while management consulting company Accenture will open a second facility in Cebu in December this year.

Cebu province being included in Tholons list of emerged outsourcing locations in the world this year after two years in the emerging destinations list, currently hosts over 60 BPO businesses that employ around 32,000 people.

Mr. Yu praised the completion of the third stage of the DFON Loop 4 from Lucena City to Cebu City, stating this will make Cebu province more attractive as an outsourcing destination.

"Anything that increases capability should be embraced. There is no such thing as overcapability" he said.

DFON expansion project includes the installation of 1,300 kilometers of land-based and underwater fiber-optic cables that bear all kinds of traffic throughout 11 Philippines provinces. The project brought PLDT’s total network bandwidth capacity to 1.56 terabytes, which translate to 24 million simultaneous voice calls, among others. The project ensures seamless and uninterrupted telecommunications services in the event of accidental cable cuts in the network.

Traffic is automatically rerouted because the new facilities are equipped with Automatic Switching Optical Network -- Sub Network Control Protocol. Cable cuts used to cause a slowdown in bandwidth speed and outages for some customers in affected areas.

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