World VoIP NewsFinnish Army tests Elektrobit Hardened VoIP SolutionFinnish Army tests Elektrobit Hardened VoIP Solution

Finnish Army tests Elektrobit Hardened VoIP Solution

Finnish Army tests Elektrobit Hardened VoIP Solution
Elektrobit EB Tough VoIP system has been delivered to the Finnish military, who will initiate a number of real life field trials on the solution during 2010. The objective is to evaluate its operation in diverse military settings.


The system will function under demanding weather and other environmental conditions for the Army branch of the Finnish Defense Forces. Elektrobit is committed to work closely with the Finnish Army on several examination phases during this year ensure proper utilization and conform to system requirements.

The company claims that “With new components such as broadband data communications, enhanced voice over IP services, and advanced functions designed specifically for ground forces, the system provides significant levels of increased performance and operational capabilities,”.

EB Tough VoIP can be operated as a complete system or the solution building block EB Tough VoIP Terminal and the EB Tough VoIP Network Extender can be incorporated into a clients' communications base that is currently in place. According to the Elektrobit’s released information, the devices can be utilized in many different ways, such as:

• Tactical data transmission environment
• Rigid and secure VoIP clients for military communications
• Highly demanding environments in which restrictions in communications can seriously affect functional capabilities
• Radio communication over IP clients

It is noted, that the EB Tough VoIP Terminal can work with application specific headsets, also ones that are normally employed in use with tactical radio or digital field telephony instrumentation.

The EB Network Extender is an integrated device that offers the functionalities of Ethernet switch and multi-channel SHDSL modem, a VoIP terminal and it is able to provide broadband wired communication, and VoIP services to the field via either LAN or WAN configuration.

As senior manager of Defense Products Wireless Solutions at EB Mikko Viitaniemi pointed out -  "EB Tough VoIP was designed to fulfill the communications needs of military units, and we continue to strive towards achieving that goal,"


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