World VoIP NewsFrost & Sullivan Best Practices Award to Colombian CompanyFrost & Sullivan Best Practices Award to Colombian Company

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award to Colombian Company

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award to Colombian Company
After intensive and multifaceted study conducted by Frost & Sullivan, Growth Leadership Award in Colombia has been given to national provider of telecommunications services Emtelco in category of contact center outsourcing services industry. This award is a logical outcome of Emtelco's achievements and superb performance in market, ensuring excellence and a pattern how to execute call center business.
Company Emtelco has demonstrated impressive records of highest annual compound growth rate for the last 3 years. In extremely competitive market, winner increased its revenues up to 20% during last year, thus putting itself among the TOP 5 companies in the Colombian Market for the first time. Several key research factors, which were analyzed by Frost & Sullivan, indicated Emtelco's unique performance in this market. Main contributors to its success are named as effective penetration strategy and the ability to diversify client portfolios.

Couple of years ago Emtelco had near 1500 employees, but currently employs 4000 people. Company has 3 contact centers located in main Colombian cities, such as Cali, Pereira and Medellin with more than 2000 workstations and 2500 agents. Contact centers also deliver face-to-face sales and collection services in other big cities of the country. Disregard the fact, that Emtelco originally was exclusively honed on providing services to EPM group; nowadays they have increased customer portfolios, providing services to various customers. For example, one very considerable and recent client is the largest compensation fund within Colombia, which required services to be provided in several cities across the country.

At present, Emtelco, being a local state-owned company, is able to balance two major factors of its tight relationships with the government. First of all, the government is still the biggest vertical segment in terms of investments, but what is even more relevant for this industry is that the Colombian government has increasingly turned to outsourcing several processes, seeking for more efficiency and flexibility. Additionally, company was also able to make the most of several local incentives to impel its growth, such as the exemption of Industria y Comercio and Property tax, among others.

The winner of prestigious award is known for continuous investments in Colombia. The key focus remains within the Utilities, Telecommunications and Government verticals; however it is currently growing its presence in the healthcare and retail segments as well. The aim to export services also led the company to build a new subsidiary exclusively created to offer offshore services to the US and Spain markets.

Frost & Sullivan´s research methodology is a unique approach that enables them to determine how best in class companies manage growth, innovation and leadership. "Our unique and rigorous approach to research provides a 360 degree view of the industry challenges and key trends, " said Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager, Juan Gonzalez.

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