World VoIP NewsFurther development of VoIP videoconferencing capabilities by SkypeFurther development of VoIP videoconferencing capabilities by Skype

Further development of VoIP videoconferencing capabilities by Skype

Further development of VoIP videoconferencing capabilities by Skype
In a recent blog post, Skype officials indicated that the latest beta version of Skype appears with several new features, including the ability to make VoIP videoconferencing calls with as many as 10 people. The Skype’s previous version, Skype 5.0 beta 1, which was released in May, only enables five parties to be within a group video call at the same time.
Customers desiring to taste the new feature all need to have the most recent beta version of Skype, this version is available for download on the company’s website. Company notifies, that the software is currently being offered free of charge while on trial, assuming that consumers will need to buy it when the product will be out of beta.

Though Skype told back in May 2010 that it would offer VoIP videoconferencing capabilities to Mac users by the end of the year, Skype has still yet to roll out the service to that segment of customers.

However, Skype also indicated the ongoing refinement of its new version of 5.0 to smoothen up the calling experience. The very last edition is sleeker, stable and contains fewer bugs than the previous one, as per company’s officials. It is also attached by automatic call recovery, which quickly reconnects people if they experience network problems.

Moreover, the VoIP services and particularly VoIP videoconferencing provider has added feaure ‘’Skype Home’’, that enables users to create their own “mood messages,” post a profile picture and follow their contacts.

“We’ve also made a number of other housekeeping fixes since the first beta – but please bear in mind that this is still a beta version, and so there may be the odd bug remaining,” noted officials with Skype.

As we informed in previous related news, there are reports about Cisco recently made a $5 billion bid to purchase Skype, right as it is on the precipice of going public. We just looking at events further development.

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