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German VoIP company TELES release C5 Software

German VoIP company TELES release C5 Software
Berlin based VoIP (SIP) providing Company TELES announced about new release of its Class 5 software. Being an integral development of version 3.6, the software is packed with more features and functionalities. TELES is prominent European player of ‘ ’ Next Generation Networks and Access Gateway’ ’ and declared, that C5 3.6 is designed for full end-to-end SIP trunking. This software will enable providers to seamlessly and conveniently incorporate their existing PBX SIP trunking customers as well as to execute smooth integration and migration to cloud-based telecommunications services.
TELES boasts about the latest release, tagging it as ‘ ’ one of the most groundbreaking developments’ ’ in the progress of the product. Company’ s softswitch solution now supports and can be implemented merely for the full integration of an corporate level PBX to a TELES Class 5 softswitch for trunking. The product also will be featured by set of services such as FMC (Functional Management Code) for home based employees, which does not require enterprises to swap legacy PBX equipment thanks to traditional ISDN replacement and emulation of all major ISDN attached services.

As per company’ s officials, the latest version of TELES C5 software makes an end-to-end solution and removes all relayed technical compatibility issues. It is aimed to conjoin TELES products just across the board from access gateways, for instance the TELES VoIPBOX series, and, in combination with an enterprise PBX, through C5 with complete set of features and relayed management, followed by the interconnectivity of server with the broad spectrum of codecs for IP and TDM.

C5 Software is expected to have highest level of functionalities in synergy with other TELES products. Company said that all major ISDN supplementary services can now be mutually exchanged through the TELES end-to-end solution which enables a full migration of legacy ISDN equipment and a smooth incorporation of this software/ hardware into merely all IP-based networks.

“Release C5 is about SIP trunking and what we call the Single Pipe to the Cloud, where all voice and data communications are ultimately transported via the data cloud. Enterprises can now gain access to the full range of communications services, whilst providers and carriers will now have the potential to exploit their customer base by up-selling to PBX customers, also placing these customers on the path towards full cloud-based unified communications,” said TELES Product Marketing Director, Thomas Haydn, in a statement.

“We are in a unique position of being able to supply carriers and service providers with an end-to-end solution that avoids complex compatibility problems. This means that they will reap the benefits of a solution which is reliable and stable, and they will also profit from time-saving access gateway zero touch provisioning which will help to reduce operating costs dramatically,” Haydn continued.

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