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Google VoIP Desktop grass roots campaign starts

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Google had reportedly nixed their desktop Skype killer in favor of a browser-based version.  Now, a petition has started for Google to release the desktop client.
Backstory: Google purchased VoIP provider Gizmo5 last year in a move which seemed to indicate that they were going to merge their Google Voice and Google Talk clients to make a Skype-like service that would be able to call traditional phone numbers.

Since that point not much has emerged out of Google on the VoIP front.

Last week, however, TechCrunch obtained and reviewed a leaked Mac version of the fabled Google Voice desktop client.  It looks pretty ready for general release, even if for the typical Google Beta release program.

The leaked application came with the news that Google was reportedly going to forgo releasing a desktop client so that it could focus on delivering a better web client.

That news didn't sit well with some people who've been anxiously awaiting the Google Voice desktop client.  Some have even started a petition to get Google to release this application publicly.

If you are interested in seeing a Google Voice VoIP client released, here's where you can sign the petition.  The petition just started this morning but its creators are hoping to collect 500,000 signatures.

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