World VoIP NewsHosted VoIP operator SK Telink launches new Session Border ControllersHosted VoIP operator SK Telink launches new Session Border Controllers

Hosted VoIP operator SK Telink launches new Session Border Controllers

Hosted VoIP operator SK Telink launches new Session Border Controllers
Company Acme Packet, being the provider of session delivery networks has announced delivery and deployment of its Net-Net 4500 session border controllers (SBCs) to SK Telink for use in their SK 00700 international VoIP phone calling and SK Speed 070 IP services.
Upon the installation at SK Telink’s access and interconnect border, Net-Net 4500s are fully supporting the existing Acme Packet SBCs that upkeep SK Telink’s IP Centrex service, as per company official press release. South Korea located SK Telink is a sibling company of SK Telecom . It’s one of the substantial operators in the country delivering international phone calling services. It also delivers retail voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) packages to South Korean customers as well as outsourced data center services for smaller IP telephony service providers.

Joong Seon Ji, from SK Telink, noted that when previous evaluating of alternative solutions, Acme Packet ensured the most comprehensive features and good performance. SK Telink taken Acme Packet for its powerful Net-SAFE security framework, as well as the capability for the Net-Net 4500 solution to meet complex session initiation protocol (SIP) interoperability issues.

“With the Net-Net 4500, we can peer with up to 100 international service providers, which will help us expand revenues beyond what is possible with the current approach,” Seon Ji said.

The utilizing of Net-Net 4500 is enabling SK Telink to substitute its TDM-based interconnections with an end-to-end IP architecture, which it intends to leverage into more powerful and versatile peering relationships.

Company officials denoted, that SIP and SDP header manipulation applied at IP interconnect points smoothen up signaling interactions between SK Telink and other service operators, as well as Acme Packet SBCs hide SK Telink’s built up topology from intrusions and prevent faulty packets from infiltrating the service core; additionally, it also protect SK Telink’s access network and services by rate-limiting SIP signaling traffic and performing overload protection and protocol performance verification, kepeng services outside from provisional DoS/DDoS attacks. Dynamic and static access controls are pre-configured to fight fraudulent use or theft of SK Telink services.

“Our session border controllers open the door for service providers to offer new services and ways of extending services via IP peering relationships,” said Dino Di Palma, senior vice president of sales and business development at Acme Packet, adding that SK Telink is leveraging the benefits of switching to IP as its transport for global communications.

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