World VoIP NewsHosted VoIP PBX provider Primus expands into Los Angeles areaHosted VoIP PBX provider Primus expands into Los Angeles area

Hosted VoIP PBX provider Primus expands into Los Angeles area

Hosted VoIP PBX provider Primus expands into Los Angeles area
Company Primus Telecommunications Group, working in industry of fully managed VoIP/hosted PBXs tries to expand it operational presence in Los Angeles area. New office was opened at One Wilshire Boulevard, L.A. Along with hosted PBX, company will hone the effort on providing Data Services to small and medium-sized businesses.
Hosted VoIP PBX service includes the functionality of a classical PBX system with much more improved performance at a lower cost. The turnkey managed solution provides customers with specific Primus data connections greater array of capabilities by ensuring up to 20 megabytes per second data transmission speed. This makes the businesses to invest more in augmentations and diversifications of their businesses. This advanced phone and data service is versatile and scalable. PTGi Chairman, President & CEO Peter Aquino described the expansion into the Los Angeles market as the integral part of the company's strategy to be a leading provider of innovative advanced communication solutions ranging from traditional and IP voice and data to co-location, hosting and outsourced managed services to business and residential consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

Primus' Hosted- PBX services also has many other features, so, there are no extra phones or hardware needed to be added for normal functionality. Voice and Internet services can be conjoined on single high-speed broadband access circuit and services can be changed or added without extra funds. It is real one-stop solution that is a fully managed and configured service.

Primus' President for U.S. Retail Services, Thomas Mazerski said that the Hosted-VoIP-PBX service was always best for telecommuters or work-at-home employees as well as continuously expanding companies that are facing the necessity to change office locations frequently. Hosted services make customers to retain their phone numbers disregard to geographic locations. Extremely flexible, scalable options allowed them to add or cut actual lines depending on particular needs of the moment.

Primus CEO also stated, that by providing “24/7” support, companies could focus on their core business instead of thinking on telephony issues. The unlimited international calling feature also provides the opportunity to call Mexico and other international destinations from North America. Currently Primus Telecommunications is looking to add more than 50 new sales agents.

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