World VoIP NewsHosted VoIP supplier Oronoco goes into Middle Eastern MarketsHosted VoIP supplier Oronoco goes into Middle Eastern Markets

Hosted VoIP supplier Oronoco goes into Middle Eastern Markets

Hosted VoIP supplier Oronoco goes into Middle Eastern Markets
Termination VoIP provider company Oronoco Telecom, a subsidiary of AppTech Corp, announced about deploying new VoIP routes s as a result of a new "package deal" with Quick Dial Inc, an international VOIP provider. Having presented this new package, Oronoco's routes will include destinations such Middle East countries as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Kuwait.
In a release, Eric Ottens, CEO of AppTech Corp, said that "Oronoco is intensifying the development of carrier relations and is currently adding two to three new customers per week. Daniel Miroli, Oronoco's President, is making vital moves towards creating a much broader customer base. We are very enthusiastic to see that Oronoco is taking the right steps in enhancing products and expanding its customer base while securing partnership to assure continued growth."

Oronoco works for telecommunication industry and is fighting to meet the market’s needs for cost-effectiveness and high quality standards. Oronoco also delivers a fully redundant Voice Network with reasonable prices and impeccable quality connections.

The company has closed interconnection agreements with major operators in the US, Europe and Latin America via VoIP and PSTN for traffic termination and origination. The telecom billing software from Oronoco is one of the most advanced in the market to ensure full routing, billing and administration on the entire IP Network. AppTech Corp is creating mobile application market locations and serves emerging markets in Latin America, Brazil and the USA. AppTech is currently concentrating effort on multi-platform mobile applications designed to operate on devices and systems such as Apple iPhone and Google's Android. Moreover, by means of its completely owned subsidiary, Oronoco Telecom, AppTech is working on securing agreements with top communication companies in Central America, South America and The Caribbean.

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