World VoIP NewsHTC Corporation expand commitments on VoIP phone systems in IndiaHTC Corporation expand commitments on VoIP phone systems in India

HTC Corporation expand commitments on VoIP phone systems in India

Company HTC Corporation, one of leading designers of smartphones, has declared its continued intentions to penetrate the Indian phone systems market by highlighting the plans to strengthen and expand its operations in order to support future growth in the Indian smartphone and VoIP products market.
To intensify its efforts in big chained franchise retail stores HTC will be working with its local fulfillment distribution partner, ‘’Brightpoint India’’, and another dedicated distribution retail partner, ‘’Ingram Micro’’, in accordance with company’s officials.

Implementing these partnerships HTC will concentrate on increasing retail efforts across national, regional and local tiers, and also building up a comprehensive user experience for Indian trade channels in areas of VoIP phone systems.

Jack Tong, CEO of regional HTC Asia Pacific said, “India’s unique geography, culture and consumer culture create a complex retail environment that requires a deep understanding of local retailers and consumer needs. HTC is focusing on offering customers a better retail experience that fully represents what the HTC brand stands for.”

In its efforts to move forward on market smartphones an VoIP phone system related products, HTC not only concentrates on so called regional distributors net named as Preferred Authorized Retailers or “PAR” concept, HTC will also expand penetration into the modern trade segment. HTC is committed to augment its PAR network by offering a greater spectrum of retail branding resources. Greater product lines and sales training will be provided to all HTC retailers, agents and in-store retail staff, according to company officials.

HTC has plans to widen up its VoIP phone system distribution network at both the regional and local level. Particularly, company looking forward to grow this network from the current 25 to 50 Tier 2 cities, and expand the presence to a total of 100 Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities by July 2011. HTC will also deliver considerable marketing and logistics support to all designated distributors as it builds a heavy infrastructure to support the expected growth in the India VoIP phone system market.

Ajay Sharma, HTC India, said, “We are taking the necessary steps to build a stronger, wider and more stable national infrastructure that will better support our retailers from the national through to the local level. This will enable HTC to deliver a consistent branding experience and enhancement of our retail capabilities. The global smartphone market is poised for tremendous growth over the next three years, and HTC’s focus on innovation and listening to the customer places us squarely at the forefront of that evolution.”

Recent researches from Frost & Sullivan's on smartphones and VoIP phone system applications finds that smartphone and VoIP phone systems market experiences very considerable growth initiated by the implementation of innovative features and applications that attract consumer interest. Disregard to the economic downturn, the VoIP technologies products and smartphones are on an upswing, with consumers increasingly seeking devices that are well designed with innovative features and applications i.e. touch screen technology, wireless fidelity or “Wi-Fi” and location- based service or “LBS”.

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