World VoIP NewsHuawei hires former US government security advisorHuawei hires former US government security advisor

Huawei hires former US government security advisor

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In an attempt to overcome security concerns in the USA, it is being reported that China's Huawei has recruited a senior official from the former President Bush administration as an advisor to the company.
­The Financial Times reported that Huawei has hired John Bellinger, a former chief attorney at the State Department and legal advisor to the US National Security Council.

He currently works at Arnold & Porter and counsels clients on national security legal and policy issues, including regulation of foreign investment in the United States, export and munitions controls, US and multilateral financial sanctions and asset controls, and extraterritorial application of US criminal and civil laws.

Huawei has faced problems with security concerns in the USA, and increasingly in India, due to its perceived, but denied links to the Chinese Army. A bid for a minority stake in the US firm, 3Com was abandoned in 2008 due to pressure from politicians concerned about security issues.

Huawei was reportedly surprised by the hostility in the US to its 3Com investment, and presumed interest in building market share in the US is being hampered by the issues raised.

Both Huawei and Mr Bellinger declined to comment on the Financial Times story.

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