World VoIP NewsIceWarp releases IceWarp Server Version 10.3IceWarp releases IceWarp Server Version 10.3

IceWarp releases IceWarp Server Version 10.3

IceWarp releases IceWarp Server Version 10.3
Unified Communications enterprise IceWarp, specializing in industry of Collaborations solutions, announced the availability of IceWarp Server Version 10.3 that delivers five core pillars of UC , such as Communications, Security, Collaboration, Mobility and Data Access.
Additionally, company also announced the outcomes of a survey by Osterman Research pointing onto urgent need of global enterprises to deploy a Unified Communications in order to ensure market competitiveness.

The Company described IceWarp 10.3 Server as an array of new UC standards for the enterprise as shown by the new Osterman study. The study worked out results that fully back up the rationales for a Unified Communications deployment. IceWarp clientele surveyed stated that what they valued most is how fast the solution can be started with an average of 3.5 person-hours for all activities for server setup. They also mentioned the low maintenance costs being in average just 10.4 IT staff hours annually. Ultimately, the low cost of ownership gave IceWarp the edge over competitors.

"Enterprises are seeking for a true Unified Communications solution that will support today's mobile, agile workforce who are actively connecting and collaborating throughout various channels and time zones," said Ladislav Goc, president of IceWarp. "IceWarp addresses the needs by virtually eliminating the barrier between a traditional and a mobile office. IceWarp Version 10.3 assists businesses of all sizes, up to global multinationals, to improve their working capital situation by freeing up the resources locked in outdated infrastructure and enabling their mobile workforce to rapidly react to ever-changing global business challenges."

In order to overcome the UC pillars: communications, data access and security challenges that companies are facing, the new IceWarp Server 10.3 release delivers several unseen features and enhancements to existing sets such as improved Desktop Client, Outlook Connector, Notifier, and WebClient Enhancements. By means of a combination of carrier-grade stability and enterprise-grade features, Version 10.3 requires near-zero configuration that greatly reduces deployment obstacles. IceWarp's UC solution sets new standards in integration, scalability and deployment. In addition to its software, IceWarp is a solutions provider which works with companies to maximize their UC investment with professional services for planning, deployment, training and support.

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