World VoIP NewsImagine targets 4G WiMAX rollout to steal march on oppositionImagine targets 4G WiMAX rollout to steal march on opposition

Imagine targets 4G WiMAX rollout to steal march on opposition

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Irish alternative network operator Imagine Communications (Irish Broadband) is poised to deploy the country’s first national 4G WiMAX network in a bid to better its rivals with faster internet speeds and improved telephony services at reduced rates.
TMCnet reports that Imagine is teaming up with Intel and Motorola to roll out the network and envisages a EUR100 million (USD123 million) investment in advanced 4G technology. Imagine’s director of commercial operations Brian O’Donohoe is quoted as saying the rapid deployment of ultra-high speed WiMAX networks will catapult Ireland up the European broadband league table.

‘This week’s OECD statistics show that Ireland has dropped to 29th position for broadband speeds, after being placed 26th in September 2008,’ he said. ‘The new 4G WiMAX network is faster and more reliable than 3G, has no expensive line rental charges like DSL and is available at half the cost of older technology providers like Eircom,’ he added.

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