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Indian company stress on VoIP security

CHENNAI, India -- VIVA Communications, a prominent provider of VoIP and unified communication solutions, working on next generation level communication needs of enterprise type companies, announced about the launch of its’ end-to-end ‘ VoIP security stat-of-art solutions that provides all the requirement of voice communications on security issues fully to be met.
Managed by VIVA Communications, the new offering is reported to be quite reliable and real end-to-end VoIP security concept implementation of impeccable quality of service by encryption. Employee productivity is not compromised anyhow, by application high encryption standards.

MR.Srinivasan S, Founder and Director, VIVA Communications compared in his official address modern trends of VoIP communications with booming of internet in 90’s, but businesses are ‘’shy’’ to implement VoIp solutions. He said: ‘’… With unreliable and vulnerable VoIP, a user can fake a company’s IP address, entice customers to give up confidential information, launch DoS attacks and pump junk voice messages through VoIP as crucial information is transferred over VoIP. ‘’

VIVA Communication tries to relieve such expectations of companies on VoIP security decays, by merged attitude of end-to-end VoIP implementation concept and cost attractiveness of such application.

Company claims of having the whole infrastructure deployed, to be in full accordance with DoT regulations and complying with the legal requirements of using VoIP in India. VIVA Comms provides local customer service to ensure the smooth and trouble free functioning of the service, and this secure VoIP communication venture could be very promising in existing local market.

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