World VoIP NewsInnovations in VoIP infrastructure from 2600hzInnovations in VoIP infrastructure from 2600hz

Innovations in VoIP infrastructure from 2600hz

Innovations in VoIP infrastructure from 2600hz
VoIP prominent player company 2600hz announced the launch of its new product, Whistle, the first-ever manufactured, open-source communications software that provides an opportunity to any company to start up reliable cloud-based corporate and carrier-grade telecom services. Additionally, the company announced Whistle’s first deployment with leading business communications provider, Texas enterprise StarView solutions.
Whistle massively reduces relatively high VoIP operational costs with a self-scaling operational algorithm that automatically configures additional servers and adjusts for real-time implementation, whilst continuously monitoring catches glitches before they impose disturbances. The product’s horizontal architecture is the core factor of minimal service disruptions, call components become modular and independent, and redundancy automatically saves data in various locations. API mash-up technology makes businesses to easily integrate their existing applications. Providers who wish to add new functionality can select from pre-built Whistle Apps named “WhApps.”

“Open source telecommunications software has graduated from really hobbyist or low-grade quality networks to high-grade, effective enterprise technology, and 2600hz is the leader in these matters,” stated Darren Schreiber, CEO and co-founder of 2600hz. “Whistle is the first open communication infrastructure that allows companies to easily upgrade to a more powerful VoIP system that can host large carrier VoIP platforms for leading communications companies like StarView. We believe that Whistle is the future of telecommunications in the cloud, and we’re keeping it open-source.”

Whistle was taken by StarView Solutions, a global provider of business-ready communications service solutions, to augment its VoIP applications while still allowing the company to use its existing interface and infrastructure.

“We’re looking forward to add Whistle as another switching activation element used by StarView’s PRISM service. Resellers and end users can access services in real- time and activate hosted seats, devices, phone numbers, and e911, just to name a few. Whistle is helping us reduce even more operational costs by automating all of our services through one platform, which is PRISM,” said Evin Hunt, VP of Technology at StarView Solutions. “In addition, the 2600hz team offers around-the-clock tech support services, which is critical to operating such an advanced system.”

Whistle is a call processing machine designed to operate on multiple processors at high-volumes with high efficiency. By means of cutting-edge technologies like NoSQL and AMQP, the Whistle platform allows for full independence and redundancy of all integrated elements in a VoIP system, and pairs the architecture with real distribution across nodes - either over a private WAN or the public Internet. Thanks to the power of the CouchDB database system, RabbitMQ messaging and the reliable FreeSWITCH switching platform, Whistle delivers a turn-key solution for service providers looking to expand their offerings with little effort.

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