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Innovative approach to digital VoIP services

Innovative approach to digital VoIP services
Company Zingaya, a European company created by group of entrepreneurs with records of building Flash-to-SIP platforms, has declared the launch of its next generation click-to- talk services into market of US and Canada. Zingaya process VoIP phone calls through any regular PC or by implementation by simply installable widget integrated into any webpage.
There are no downloads and phone sets are needed for the caller. A regular visitor is coming to a website and just clicks the calling button on the dedicated widget, which momentarily reroutes their VoIP phone call to stationary phone lines, mobile phones, Skype accounts, or other associated computers – depending on specified by operators. The general demand and interest in Zingaya is appearing from online retailers, which are seeking for services of incoming and outgoing sales calls more efficient and cost-effective. Another field of progress for such an attitude of VoIP services in a one click appears from social media sites with a need to more easily connect users with one another. Big enterprise type geographically dispersed organizations can use Zingaya products with their existing internal phone directories as a way to more flawless connectivity among employees.

"Through the growth of Skype and now Google voice, consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to making phone calls from their computer," said Alexey Aylarov, project manager and co-founder at Zingaya. "We have created the first enterprise-grade, highly scalable, secure, cross platform click-to-talk solution that offers the best sound quality available today." The real story behind Zingaya is the Flash-client and the back-end server technology: No download required: End users don't download software. They just click the "Call" button and are automatically making a phone call through their computer using Flash.

Company claims and boasts impeccable sound quality, whilst the sound quality is paramount with VoIP services; Zingaya's dedicated software supports all new and operationally proven technologies, such as TCP and UDP protocols, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Noise Reduction, Automatic Gain Control, and more. Moreover, Zingaya claims to release an open hierarchy structured scalable product by having developed innovative software that delivers optimized performance for the service's fundamental tasks, such as handling signalization protocols and transcoding audio streams, as well as full cross platform approach, when widgets are suitable on Windows, Mac and Linux. Open hierarchy concept undermines the Zingaya’s target to provide for web developers API access for sites that want to make the click-to-talk technology part of their service.

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