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Innovative product from netTalk

Innovative product from netTalk
Company netTalk has announced the general availability of its product netTALK DUO via popular Canadian e-commerce site, “We are elated to be working with Amazon to offer the DUO to more customers in more places than ever before,” said Anastasios “Takis” Kyriakides, Chairman and CEO of netTALK.
For customers who wants to eliminate landlines and save money netTALK DUO is one of the best options – an innovative VoIP device and digital phone service providing customers with possibilities to place free North American calls to any landline or mobile phone from anywhere in the world, as well as low-cost international rates.

Consumers are able to receive calls for free, and DUO-to-DUO calls are absolutely free anywhere globally. It’s also the quite unique digital phone service due to absence of monthly fees, contracts and computer required. Users can connect directly to an Internet connection through the router/modem or passively through the computer’s USB port. Additionally, its esthetic design can fit any palm of a client’s hand, making it the most portable device of its kind.

By fact of removing the computer as necessary platform to make and receive phone calls, the DUO provides ultimate flexibility and phone privacy for single-computer households. DUO reduces the wear and tear put on your home or office computer and considerably reduces energy costs. Plus, with the fax-friendly DUO, there is officially no reason to hold onto your traditional phone service. Extra advantages of the DUO include the choice of a free local telephone number, enhanced 911, free 411directory assistance, call waiting, voicemail and live tech support with specially trained TALK Experts.

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