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Innovative VoIP product from Tone software

Innovative VoIP product from Tone software
Enterprise Tone Software Corporation launches ReliaTel Management Solution 3.1, associated with the complete support for virtualized environments. ReliaTel backs up virtualized deployment of the ReliaTel application to supervise and analyze VoIP quality, operational performance, manage network and ensure telecommunications service levels across technology mixed converged environments.
Supported by the proliferation of cloud communications and the pro-active sweep for cost efficient solutions, hardware and software technologies continuously grow. As enterprises’ VoIP traffic and converged communications expand, the packets of critical data and operational processes to monitor and analyze also expands exponentially. ReliaTel's virtualization support makes organizations to readily augment their ReliaTel performance and market image from end to end -- from SIP at the core, to softphones at the edge -- on demand, without requirements of upfront changes in infrastructure. Very scalable, users can host the ReliaTel VoIP QoS and Converged Network management solution in a virtualized environment specifically tailored to meet current voice workloads, with further scaling the solution into a bigger virtual instance that supports expanded voice traffic and network volumes in the future.

The advantages of virtualization are increased data center scalability, reduced power consumption, lowered hardware overhead costs, and cost effective disaster recovery. ReliaTel 3.1 also delivers massively increased value for Avaya users by fully integrating RTCP metric analysis with Avaya CDR data, enabling voice support teams to more fast troubleshoot voice quality issues throughout their Avaya ecosystem. When quality degrades, ReliaTel users now have immediate access to important metrics not available in standard RTCP based QoS metrics such as number dialed, caller ID, TAC, trunk group, and circuit number. Also, additional ReliaTel Avaya CDR reporting facilities provide granular per call details, trunk group level performance, hourly, daily, call duration, and call type trends for Avaya telecommunications environments.

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