World VoIP NewsiPhone Game Application Sales aimed to oil spill relief fundiPhone Game Application Sales aimed to oil spill relief fund

iPhone Game Application Sales aimed to oil spill relief fund

Razorleaf Studios, a subsidiary of Allen Group Inc, has announced commitment to donate all of the revenues from the sale of the "Gushers" iPhone appliance to the so called Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund, a non-profit organization that works on emergency assistance to fishermen whose entire living environments were totally affected by the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill.
Since 2009, Gushers is a popular interactive game covering topic of oil explorations, designed for iPhone and iPad ; the game is concentrated on an actual oil drilling environment, with special stressing on oil techniques through various game situations and scenarios.

It is reported about approximately 637 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline is affected: 96 miles in Florida, 362 miles in Louisiana, 109 miles in Mississippi and 70 miles in Alabama.

About 5 million barrels of oil flawed at sea, before leak has been plugged, heavily crippling businesses and nature.

Razorleaf Studios, operated and , in fact, owned by two college students, claims over 10 000 downloads are already executed, and the fund was established by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to send philanthropic dollars into severed communities.

Anthony Allen, founder of Razorleaf, said "My twin brother Chris and I cannot even imagine the damage caused by the spill and felt that we really needed to do something to help out. Being college students, our funds are relatively limited, but having had developed an oil-themed game, Gushers, several months before the current oil spill, we decided that the game would be the perfect medium for us to raise funds to help out the Gulf region."

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