World VoIP NewsItalian Largest Call Center Company optimizes performance by VoIP solutionsItalian Largest Call Center Company optimizes performance by VoIP solutions

Italian Largest Call Center Company optimizes performance by VoIP solutions

Italian Largest Call Center Company optimizes performance by VoIP solutions
Company Call & Call, being Italian largest Call Centers serving corporate clients throughout the country, has expanded its cloud computing initiative which has already diminished the company's office PC operating costs by 50 percent in half of year. As the crucial element of the cloud expansion, Call & Call will switch about 1,000 additional workstations from five sites across Italy to a centralized location utilizing IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud and technology from Wyse, the global leader in cloud client computing.
The call center industry is performing as growing and extremely competitive market. To be in streamline with continuously growing customer demands and provide the impeccable customer service, Call & Call was permanently involved in upgrading hardware and PCs in every call center and reconfiguring systems to upkeep customer targeted applications. With an growing amount of resources needed to manage and maintain thousands of desktop PCs, Call & Call started the integration of virtualized software desktops to remove the need for hardware maintenance, ensure energy cost savings and provide company’s employees access to better computing power for use with the most intensive multi-media applications and comprehensive customer data.

IBM's Smart Business Desktop Cloud and Wyse will improve security and increase operational effectiveness by the means of centrally managed workstations. New set of VoIP , cloud based solution will diminish drastically the need for technical management, makes more easy the license management and lower energy consumption. The utilizing of the desktop cloud environment provides automatic updates to all end devices when an application needs to be upgraded or new software is integrated. This means the desktop cloud environment only requires the secure data center servers and no longer stored on the client side.

Call & Call, being as a parent company of a network of call and contact centers distributed throughout Italy operates with 2800 operators and around 1600 workstations, it works in the sector of outsourcing of services to companies centered on customer service and telemarketing, both for B2B and B2C.

In the future, Company plans to further expand its desktop cloud environment. Call & Call has more than 1600 workstations spread among eight branches throughout Italy.

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