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ITU Working Group on VoIP h.323 system

International Communication UNI0N’s permanent so called ITU-T SG16 (Technology Study Group16) recently held a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Wide spectrum of topics was covered by the meeting session.
Study Group16 leads the technologies work on multimedia (MM) terminals, systems and applications, as well as the coordination of the studies among the various numerated Study Groups. It is also the leading body for common applications as e-health, e-business and other world web utilitarian issues. SG16 is working on of MM standardization, architecture, protocols, security, mobility, interworking and QoS. It concentrates its studies on conferencing systems, directory services, speech, audio and visual coding, PSTN modems and interfaces, facsimile terminals, ICT accessibility, etc. During the last meeting in Switzerland Group concentrated on H.323. Last expert’s research on H.323 has been done in 2009, when major release of system had launched; there was not a lot of real work on the core specification since that. Even so, the experts group did complete work on a new Recommendation to Transport Geographic Information within H.323 systems (H.460.25).

Currently, the experts initiated new work related to the study of Telepresence systems for H.32x-series systems, with a targeted focus on H.323.

A new experts Group was formed (named ‘’Question 5/16’’) and tagged simply “Telepresence systems.” The first meeting will likely be announced on the appropriated ITU –SG 16 list (see over the next month or two. The new life cycle for H.323 is expected in a new environment.

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