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Jha talks differentiation at Barclays

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Sanjay Jha stressed differentiation as key to Motorola's success going forward and said that he is "comfortable" with earlier projections of 12 to 14 new devices in 2010.
Jha answered questions during a Q&A session at Barclays' Capital Conference in New York.

Jha said that he's happy with the progress made in his time with Motorola. Aside from a complete reorganization of the company, Motorola managed to ship 2.3 million units last quarter and provide guidance that indicates profitability by the fourth quarter of 2010.

When asked what Jha thought was important for Motorola going forward, he said that he's more than comfortable with the strength of Motorola's hardware and stressed that while OS is important it's not everything when it comes to differentiation.

"OS alone is not what consumers choose a phone on," Jah said, citing research that shows between 30 and 40 percent of the customer's buying process depends on the look and feel of the device.

When asked about whether Jha would consider an operating system exclusive to Motorola, he spoke in hypothetical terms. He said that if he could have an OS that includes a large and complete ecosystem of applications and services, such as Google offers with Android, an OS exclusive to Motorola might be of interest.

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