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Korean top ranking mobile carrier upgrades offers and services

South Korea’s top mobile phone carrier SK Telecom announced expected considerable upgrades in its offers and services, such as unlimited data services, mobile VoIP and option to make Internet calls via cellular network.
During the recent press conference, President an CEO of SK Telecom President and CEO Jung Man-Won said about hard efforts of company to greatly improve 3G network performance, promote commercialization of the next-generation network named LTE (Long Term Evolution) and boost up the locations of free Wi-Fi zones. It is expected to create additional 15,000 W-Fi zones in South Korea by the end 2010. This will drastically improve mobile Internet calls performance and availability. Other plans of mobile carrier are to enlarge amount of free fixed-lines products by three, namely: home phone, broadband Internet and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to it subscribers.

Taking into consideration statistically expected mobile nets based rise in demand for data-oriented services in August, SK Telecom will offer unlimited data services to users in frames of so called ‘’All-In-One Plans’’ line (55, 65,80,95), as well as Number One Plan for these heavy users of data processing options.

Another prominent feature of SK Telecom Company is partnership with Walt Disney Co., announced in May 2010, when companies published their plans to launch a joint broadcasting venture by 2011. Disney Channel International, which is Walt Disney’s first joint venture to broadcast products in foreign countries, would be subsidiary partner of SK Telecom. Korean Company will own 51 percent of joint venture.

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