World VoIP NewsKT and Intel ink MOU on WiBroKT and Intel ink MOU on WiBro

KT and Intel ink MOU on WiBro

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South Korea's KT Corp has revealed that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with US chipmaker Intel Corp to collaborate on WiMAX technology.
Under the terms of the deal it is understood that Intel will produce a chipset with a built-in WiBro (the South Korean variant of WiMAX) module, with production starting as soon as October 2010.

According to KT the chipset will eliminate the need for any additional devices to connect to the internet wirelessly. The two companies are also reportedly set to open further discussions regarding the possibility of exporting Intel’s chipsets that include KT’s WiBro technology to other countries.

KT has also revealed that it plans to deploy a nationwide WiBro network utilising a 10MHz profile as a channel bandwidth with a view to meeting the global WiMAX standard; previously KT has used an 8.75MHz profile, which has presented difficulties for any operators looking to deploy WiBro in countries where 10MHz is the standard bandwidth. Commenting on the plan, Kim Il-young, vice president of KT’s corporate centre, said: ‘This will help boost the local WiBro industry and exports of the technology overseas.’

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