World VoIP NewsLeonid Systems and Yealink start joint venture on VoIP communications Leonid Systems and Yealink start joint venture on VoIP communications

Leonid Systems and Yealink start joint venture on VoIP communications

Leonid Systems and Yealink start joint venture on VoIP communications
Enterprise Yealink, being the deliverer of VoIP telephones and related all-in-IP telecommunications services, has introduced the portfolio of solutions that dynamically makes businesses to be as massively efficient and also innovative at the utmost extent.
Yealink has started strategic partnership with the company Leonid Systems, working in the sector of hosted VoIP and dedicated OSS applications, in order to roll out on market the specific plugin entitled as Loki Visual Device Management, tailored for use with the Yealink VP530 platform. 

The application will enable telecommunications operators to design soft-key platforms for hosted VoIP based PBXs and makes corporate administrators to efficiently alter networking keys and specific features directly from the Web account. “Being the worldwide well-recognized SIP telephones supplier, Yealink is always focused to deliver resilient and cost-efficient all-in-IP voice signaling and Video enabled phones to differentiated clientele globally,” explained officials from Yealink, in a press-release. “The Yealink and Leonid Systems is designed to bring up convenient and efficient deployment procedures for our customer base.” Yealink’s product entitled as VP530 is an operational IP video telephone that provides functionalities of integrated voice, video and data processing capabilities. The device is equipped with a seven-inch color HD touchscreen, crystal clear voice quality and up to three channels video conferencing. Consumers can enjoy phone’s universal directory management, which support also searching features for all entries by means of remote contact list. The platform Loki from Leonid Systems’ is a federated provisioning infrastructure developed for telecoms services providers that deliver as an organic Web interface, as API to interface to previously deployed BSS/OSS and CRM engines. This operational suite of machines includes four basic elements-Portals, Provisioning, BPM and Prometheus, a combination that searches, sort out and delivers all kinds of data into easily readable, and executive formats. “The majority of operators sees a Visual Device Management to be as essential element of marketing rivalry to deal versus the PBX in the corporate sector, our union with Yealink makes us to deliver a VDM-suitable device to the scene in a reasonably counterproductive way,” stated representatives from the Leonid Systems. “We look ahead to use productively this partnership to facilitate the price-policy in the SMB and also corporate sector.”

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