World VoIP NewsMaputu launches tender for third mobile telephony operatorMaputu launches tender for third mobile telephony operator

Maputu launches tender for third mobile telephony operator

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The Mozambican government has launched an international public tender for the country’s third mobile telephony operator, with 6 July set as the deadline for submission of bids.
The government will then have 60 days to evaluate the proposals and select a winning bid. The successful applicant will be permitted to launch operations within 30 days of licensing, with an obligation to enter the market within a year.

Under the terms of the tender, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) has set a USD25 million minimum bid for the 15-year licence. The regulations also require bidders to operate one or more networks with at least two million customers and to have selected a local partner. The government has said it will place more value on a bidder’s technical proposal, than its financial one.

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