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Max Media acquire with all assets

Max Media acquire with all assets
Company Max Media Group, Inc. announced the completion of acquisition process of portfolio and associated technology utilities such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Internet Radio, VOIP, and SMS text messaging.
Max Media announced also the finalization of acquisition of BB2's film and music library, BB2's near 15 million subscribers and

The effort will be focused now to initiate evolving the social networking site into a community driven social network. The social network will offer affinity driven and user demanded services such as email, live internet video exchange, video web chat, music streaming, movie streaming, video online telephony, conference calling, SMS exchange as well as token cell-phone delivery.

James Grady President & CEO of Max Media Group, Inc., described the process, "This acquisition subsequently makes us to capitalize on the ever expanding tendencies towards social networking and social marketing. As the markets seek for new methods to socialize and communicate with like minded individuals, marketers are scrambling to capitalize on their every like, desire or need with products, services or information. We have the services, products, resources and tools to be growing squarely in the middle of this expanding market." Grady added, "Our movies and music data base will become a rapid opportunity for increased revenues. Driving traffic and usage to the libraries from both the subscriber base and new users will be a basic focus. Moreover, we are looking forward to initiate the coupon cell phone delivery technology to capitalize on the growing demand in the marketplace for the Groupon and Deal of the Day coupon models." "We are totally excited to bring our technologies and innovations to Max Media. Our huge resources paired with their vision and mission sets Max Media up to be a leader in the internet marketing and content delivery space," said Amy Nalewaik Co-Founder of BB2Live. Max Media is a developer of providing monetized content to high impact social-based online community markets.

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