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Merge of two Australian wholesale VoIP providers

Merge of two Australian wholesale VoIP providers
Australian wholesale VoIP provider Company ISPhone announced the merge and absorbing process of enterprise ‘’buroserv’’, a wholesale telecommunications services provider, to create new enterprise named CONTINUUM Communications.
The merger conjons two bodeis with quite similar markets and customer base but different complementary bundles provided. The VoIP services and solution along with associated services from ISPhone will make the operational sybergy with wholesale telecommunication services from buroserv.
The service from ISPhone consists with DSL, Fiber, hosted PBX, cloud-based hosted utilities. The company also run and manages own national VoIP and data network and delivers a broad spectrum of solutions in the IP world.
But ‘’buroserv’’ is focused on implementation of  sophisticated operational/business support systems (OSS/BSS) system on a virtualized platform delivering aggregated wholesale telecommunication services, such as fixed line (PSTN, ISDN), fixed wireless, and other Ethernet services.
The brand new enterprise will concentrate operational effort on offering both “traditional and next future” telecommunications portfolios and services for business and channel partners across  Australia. They include a full range of IP-based and fixed-wire telecommunications solutions and services from all of the corporate carriers in the wholesale VoIP services.
“The company will be unique in its ability to provide the Channel with a variety of services from different providers under a single billing platform, whilst still maintaining its own carrier-grade national IP network,” company officials said. “Today most Channels need to go to a host of providers to get a range of services while setting up contracts and paying deposits. Both ISPhone and buroserv have existing relationships with the different top carriers: ISPhone is connected to Optus, Soul, Primus and PIPE; and buroserv with Telstra, AAPT and BigAir.”
This merger, according to Mawalagedera, provides Channel partners with a one-stop-shop for a comprehensive suite of telecommunication products and services from multiple carriers.
CONTINUUM Communications plans to actively involve resellers and dealers that are unhappy with the limitations and heavy-handedness of the telcos and that are seeking for a wider product portfolio.

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