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Merge of two VoIP Carrier Companies

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One of the leading (Ranking11 in 2008.) US VoIP services provider GLOBALINX Enterprises announced on July 6 about deal of purchase another prominent Company TMC Communications, whose specialties are more in TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) products and technologies for an undisclosed price.
Mike Machonkin, GLOBALINX Company’s Vice President said: GLOBALINX has wanted to do M&A (Merge and Acquisition) “for some time,” and the opportunity with TMC was the first “that seemed to be a good fit.” “The biggest thing is that they have a pretty well-defined agent channel – we have a very small agent channel, so this gives us a robust distribution channel that we didn’t have,” Machonkin said. GLOBALINX, which sells residential VoIP services to subscribers and small businesses, also brings some assets to TMC. For example, TMC tends to focus on TDM-based services, such as local PRI (Primary Rate Interface) and US free 800-number setup. TMC does offer some IP products, but GLOBALINX is totally IP, which means channel partners and customers will have access to more SIP options as well as products such as hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange). “We bring VoIP to their piece of the puzzle,” said Machonkin. When the deal will be executed, GLOBALINX will become an IXC (Inter Exchange Carrier) in 50 US States and a CLEC (Competitive Local Inter Exchange Carrier) in about six States, noted Company’s officials.

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