World VoIP NewsMiCTA selects Phybridge as an endorsed vendor for IP telephony equipmentMiCTA selects Phybridge as an endorsed vendor for IP telephony equipment

MiCTA selects Phybridge as an endorsed vendor for IP telephony equipment

MiCTA selects Phybridge as an endorsed vendor for IP telephony equipment
MiCTA is US non-profit technology consortium, combining thousands of not-for- profit entities from different fields, such as higher education, K-12 schools, healthcare, libraries, government and charitable organizations.
To be selected and nominated by MiCTA is a challenge for any potential technology vendor and there is a multileveled intensive competitive bidding process on that. Selected entities are really “highly qualified vendors for telecommunications and technology- oriented products and services.”

"Phybridge serves an important segment in the IP telephony industry,” adds Tim von Hoff, chief operating officer of MiCTA. “Its UniPhyer product will enable many of our members to adopt IP telephony quickly, easily and cost-effectively without requiring major infrastructure changes or disruptions." Members of MiCTA get very considerable discounts and do not have to implement their own bidding process.

"We are excited to become an endorsed vendor of MiCTA and appreciate the level of due diligence they complete on behalf of their members,” says Will Harris, vice president of Phybridge. “Many MiCTA members face the LAN readiness barriers that the UniPhyer eliminates, and we look forward to helping MiCTA members move to the future of IP telephony with confidence.”

Phybridge boasts its UniPhyer product makes quick deployment of IP telephony and delivers Ethernet, PoE and Quality of Service by means of a single wire pair. It is also fully compatible with nearly any existing data network.

Phybridge provides a set of scheduled joint webinars with MiCTA customers and industry experts. They are targeted at those social, educational and other sectors, who are considering a switch to VoIP Telephony.

For instance, in such webinars the testimony of Jeanne Eicks from Vermont Law School is provided, describing that the law school – being one of the world’s ‘top gun’ centers for the study of environmental law – was trying to switch to a VoIP solution for its phone service. But in process of ongoing project the school was unable to have disaster recovery for power, except in its main building. By implementation of the Phybridge Uniphyer, the school successfully migrated to VoIP telephony surpassing all the existing LAN readiness barriers.

Another live case study is from the Western State College, who will also take part in the scheduled webinars. The Phybridge UniPhyer enabled Western State College to execute their VoIP Telephony project in frames of a few weeks, without any extra funds involved. This would not have been possible if another evident solution would be used: to re-cable POE switches and UPS throughout the facility.

During the very saturated webinars, participants learns how to migrate to VoIP telephony by means of existing infrastructure to deploy VoIP phones and any other Ethernet devices with no business or network disruptions, as per Phybridge officials.

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