World VoIP NewsMinCom to award new spectrum in JuneMinCom to award new spectrum in June

MinCom to award new spectrum in June

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Colombia's ICT ministry has launched the auction for up to 60MHz of spectrum in the 2.5GHz-2.69GHz band, for the provision of mobile broadband services, according to a statement on its website.
‘With this move, we want to increase competition so that Colombians have new options to access internet via mobile devices, with services such as digital maps, restaurant and hotel guides, mobile devices that serve as wireless wallets to make purchases, among many other services,’ ICT minster Daniel Enrique Medina said.

According to the ministry, several domestic and international companies have expressed interest in the auction. A public audience will be held at the ICT ministry's main office on 7 April to answer any questions on the process. The ministry expects to award the spectrum on 9 June.

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