World VoIP NewsMobile VoIP Application with g729 Codec from REVE SystemsMobile VoIP Application with g729 Codec from REVE Systems

Mobile VoIP Application with g729 Codec from REVE Systems

Mobile VoIP Application with g729 Codec from REVE Systems
Company REVE Systems that specializes on mobile VoIP and softswitches applications in VoIP World, has declared the release of the latest version of iTel Mobile Dialer Express with g.729 codec for Windows Mobile. iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a softphone for placing and receiving mobile calls implementing VoIP.
In accordance with company statements, the new product is a perfect solution for Internet telephony service vendors who are seeking for complete packages of next generation mobile VoIP capabilities to their customers.

As per REVE Systems, this versatile and dynamic softphone can be branded according to a service provider’s requirement for particular and specific VoIP Telephony services.

The latest release of the Mobile VoIP dialer now also consist with integral support for the g.729 codec on Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system and future releases and due to its minimal bandwidth consumption characteristics, among all audio codecs, g.729 is broadly implemented in various VoIP applications.

G.729 codec minimizes the bandwidth consumption up to 17 kilobytes per second which is possible to make further reduced to as unbelievable bandwidth consumption as 9 kilobytes per second by application of iTel Byte Saver; in common, such a technical performance means less interruptions, discrepancies and more quality voice characteristics over IP networks.

Thanks to this latest update from REVE Systems, customers using the iTel Mobile Dialer Express on their Windows mobile phones can now experience improved voice quality as the g.729 codec compresses voice data to ensure minimal use of bandwidth during a VoIP call.

For operators, iTel Mobile Dialer Express is available in four variants offering different branding features from a fully branded icon, header, footer and more.

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