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MTN grows HSPA coverage

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MTN continued to invest in its broadband and fibre networks to cope with strong data growth.
MTN South Africa today announced that it has invested hundreds of millions of Rands in its network to ensure that its customers and World Cup visitors enjoy quality mobile data and voice services.

Sameer Dave, chief technology officer of MTN South Africa, has said his company is ready to cope with the influx of bandwidth-hungry international football fans later this month for the World Cup 2010, saying that his company currently has 120 live 21Mbps HSPA+ sites, in addition to in excess of 2,000 3G/HSDPA sites, of which 1,300 are 7.2Mbps and 14.4Mbps enabled, TeleGeography repots.

Says Sameer Dave, chief technology officer of MTN SA: “In addition to the upgrades to, and investment in the network infrastructure around the country, we have also been involved in the installation of millions of Rands worth of equipment and the upgrade of systems in the ten World Cup stadia.”

MTN currently carries around 220 TB of data traffic on its network, and it is expected that this figure will grow to between 250 TB and 260 TB during the World Cup.  Dave is confident that the MTN network will be able to handle the increased load with ease, MyBroadband reports.

South Africans also don’t have to be concerned that the World Cup will influence their service quality.  “We have ring-fenced the capacity according to FIFA requirements, and will ensure it is ‘business as usual’ for the rest of South Africans going about their normal daily lives,” explains Dave.

MTN will continue to invest heavily in its network in 2010, with a planned ZAR4.1 billion (USD535 million) network spend in across the year.

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