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Multilingual VoIP software WhosHere for iPhone

Multilingual VoIP software WhosHere for iPhone
WhosHere is an iOS mobile social networking application, which acquiring continuous and growing international popularity since its creation in July 2008. After the several months of its initial release, WhosHere jumped out to more than 150 countries. Currently, the designers of WhosHere have introduced a version for the popular iPhone software that is specified for geographical key markets.
The array of additional languages included is Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. More languages, namely Arabic, German, Italian and Portuguese, are expected to be installed in early 2011.

Bryant Harris, co-founder and CEO of myRete, stated, “The user growth we have seen overseas has been staggering especially considering the size of some of the markets. This is reflected, for example, in WhosHere being among the top apps in the entire Korean App Store.”

So, for example, WhosHere is ranked to be at the 16th position amongst most popular applications in the social networking category in Korea and has taken place in the top 100 of the whole Korean App store. Currently there are more than 300,000 iPhone applications that boost WhosHere in the 99th percentile in Korea and also in several other markets. Back in the United States, WhosHere continues to do well and is a top 50 app in the social networking category.

WhosHere is the first mobile social networking app for the iPhone that enables users to meet new people and liaise depending on actual proximity. The application connects the individuals if they have something in common. In case if user find out someone interesting, he or she can send them free text and image messages and make free VOIP calls. All this can be implemented without revealing any personal information unless the user wants it.

The options of WhosHere software include dating, looking for new friends, chit- chatting with like minded people, looking for jobs, selling stuff, looking for clients, promoting bands and even practicing foreign language skills with native speakers and virtual tourism.

The WhosHere software normally runs on Apple's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is available for free download on Apple’s iTunes App Store and can easily be found at The statistics demonstrates impressive records on WhosHere having over 1.5 million users in 150-plus countries and it is estimated that over 1.2 billion free text messages and 45 million free images have been sent via WhosHere.

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