World VoIP NewsNEC product UNIVERGE SV8500 acquires Verizon CertificationNEC product UNIVERGE SV8500 acquires Verizon Certification

NEC product UNIVERGE SV8500 acquires Verizon Certification

NEC product UNIVERGE SV8500 acquires Verizon Certification
Enterprise NEC Corporation has announced achieved suitability and certification of its UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Servers to be used with Verizon's SIP Trunking Service.
By implementation of NEC and Verizon, corporate users can now more effectively manage their networks, as well as monitor ongoing costs with two-folded centralized and decentralized designs of NEC VoIP PBX equipment and Verizon's IP Trunking network features, supported by specific reporting tools. NEC's UNIVERGE SV8500 and Verizon IP Trunking, are being available in North America and Europe, being one of the best products for medium- and corporate level companies, seeking to utilize advanced VoIP features and streamline network management. Moreover, NEC's unified communications (UC) packages enterprises and organizations of healthcare, hospitality, education and government, can canalize and improve telecommunications by means of enhanced collaboration and mobility.

”Verizon IP Trunking service delivers straightforward SIP connectivity to the NEC IP PBX excluding the need for massive and expensive premises gateway equipment,’’ stated Tom Dalrymple, Director of enterprise global voice services for Verizon. ‘’The synergy of the cost-effective, versatile NEC IP PBX with Verizon's advanced IP Trunking capabilities can make a perfect Unified Communications solution for our clients to improve collaboration and productivity.’’

Final certification of the UNIVERGE SV8500 with Verizon IP Trunking service means NEC's server has smoothly passed Verizon's robust interoperability testing. It also means technicians from both companies are familiar with the features advantages of both products. Some of the basic features of Verizon's IP Trunking Service are: Twofold design - centralized or decentralized options that enables customers to simplify administration of their voice services throughout company; Network efficiency - customers can share local and long distance concurrent calls by means of Verizon's Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks (BEST) capability; Cost control - customers can leverage Verizon's Web used reporting algorithms to closely monitor concurrent calls followed by optimizing of VoIP configuration; Business continuity- VoIP enabled network based failover capabilities that complement the NEC IP PBX capabilities and enhance the reliability of communications.

”Since its introduction, the UNIVERGE SV8500 has proven repeatedly to be a great enterprise communications platform for both IP and hybrid network environments in a wide variety of business settings,” said Larry Levenberg, Vice President of Channel Sales and Marketing, Communication Technologies, NEC Corporation of America. “The SV8500's SIP interoperability with Verizon should provide customers additional peace of mind that the platform is not only reliable and feature-rich, but it can contribute to significant operational cost savings.”

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