World VoIP NewsNemertes 2010 Pilothouse Awards for VoIP SIP ServicesNemertes 2010 Pilothouse Awards for VoIP SIP Services

Nemertes 2010 Pilothouse Awards for VoIP SIP Services

Nemertes 2010 Pilothouse Awards for VoIP SIP Services
Company Sprint has received top award in the Nemertes 2010 Pilothouse for MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching) Services. This is already second award in sequence since last year.
According to an official release, Sprint bypassed all competitors in the overall score, rated highest in value and technology, and earned a close second position in customer service.

In the Nemertes report, Sprint's excellent performance is associated with "Sprint's innovation in areas such as Quality of Service (QoS), SIP trunking integration with MPLS services, and emerging high-speed wireless access options as a result of its partnership with Clearwire and its WiMax network allowed Sprint to score the highest of all providers in technology."

The report also says about Company’s focus on customer service, and a UC next generation approach to high-speed wireless communications, which is makes great returns to those who deploy such services.

"What makes the Nemertes PilotHouse awards unique is that winners are chosen by IT buyers based on their direct experience with their suppliers. Led by top scores in value and technology, once again Sprint's customers ranked it tops among all MPLS providers," said Irwin Lazar, vice president-Communications and Collaboration Research.

The 2010 Nemertes PilotHouse Awards is the recognition of business enterprise level technologies creators and boosters in 14 certain digital and communications categories and indicates how vendors and service providers are being seen from performance point of view by buyers. The final results are summarized from the views and experiences of actual technology buyers. Nemertes' defines the methodology of surveys, executes the research, and scrutinizes the facts and findings. Nemertes researches are neither influenced by vendors, nor sponsored by them. The opinions is accumulated just from real buyers.

"We're honored to again receive this award from Nemertes and validation from our customers in the three areas that are central to Sprint's business brand: innovative technology, world-class customer experience and incredible value," said Paget Alves, president of Sprint Business Markets Group. "MPLS is the core of our converged solutions strategy, leveraging our wireless and wireline networks to enable voice, video and data via a single IP connection so businesses can reduce costs, improve employee productivity and streamline their network. MPLS also offers a flexible network foundation that scales for growth and allows for easier adoption of next-generation technologies."

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