World VoIP NewsNew LG-Ericsson LDK VoIP Phone for Small Businesses and HomeNew LG-Ericsson LDK VoIP Phone for Small Businesses and Home

New LG-Ericsson LDK VoIP Phone for Small Businesses and Home

New LG-Ericsson LDK VoIP Phone for Small Businesses and Home
Company announced the availability of LG-Ericsson LDK IP Phones, attached with innovative functions of ‘’Hot Desking’’, Detailed Reporting, supported by functionalities of One-touch Feature Button, LCD Soft keys and Mobile Extensions. It is reported, that new VoIP Phone from Ericsson is one of the best in product line, associated with such options like 15 party conference, call recording, Voicemail notification, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Data line security, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), IP Phone Support, IP Soft phone, support for SIP H.323 / H.450.
LG-Ericsson LDK VoIP phone has several packages or combinations for businesses of different sizes. The LDK 3x8 is a package that is ideal for a home office and consists of the LDK system with 3 lines and 8 phone ports, as well as 3 24-button LCD digital phones. This package also has a variant with all the features of the 3x8 but with added Automated Attendant and Voicemail (up to 8 hours of recording).

Larger companies can utilize LDK 6x 16 packages, associated with 6 lines and 16 ports, as well as 8 24-button LCD Phones.

For small businesses with pre-existing compatible phones who need only the LDX station port to complete their IP/VoIP telephone infrastructure, and there is also a T1/PR1 card and various models of LG-Ericsson LCD Digital phones, as well as several accessories available for purchase on the site.

One of the strong points of the Telco Depot LDK IP Phone offering is the fact that it provides small businesses with a highly flexible and scalable VoIP telecommunications solution that grows with the business, while being highly affordable when compared to similar solutions available elsewhere. Small businesses who chose to use the LG- Ericsson LDK IP Phone system will no doubt find it to be a worthwhile investment in the long run, as it provides options for higher productivity and eliminates unnecessary communications costs.

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