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New offers of LifeSize on HD Video communications

Company LifeSize® Communications, a branch of enterprise Logitech announced on 2 of August about new high definition video conferencing offers and line of products sophistication to help enterprises – consisting with teleworkers, mobile employees and executives, in order to cooperate more efficiently, with more elaborated deployment and management capabilities for IT administrators.
HD data sharing now can be implemented for distant desktops and small conference rooms

The last version of the LifeSize system software, release named Version 4.7, lets business entities share information such as presentations and any other visualization file formats over the network using the LifeSize PassportTM system and the recently declared integrated video conferencing system LGExecutive, created by LifeSize. A another software application, LifeSize Virtual LinkTM, provides the option of data sharing with the use of a PC or Mac.

The Version 4.7 software also brings up the option of LifeSize Passport and LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize, to be used for streaming live HD Video and record, through LifeSize Video Center.

Moreover, the LifeSize DesktopTM updated Version 2.0 software now supports data sharing and 720p HD transmit capability for online video conferencing, meetings and discussions.

Upgrades of LifeSize Infrastructure

The new LifeSize TransitTM Client, integrated with LifeSize TransitTM Server, offers a full package of Network Address Translation (NAT) and firewall utilizing for enterprises, to ensure HD video communications are forwarded reliably whether within or outside the company.

Transit Client is a kind of state- of- art and the only solution in the market available being a hardware or a virtual digital tool, allowing enterprises to deploy a firewall/ NAT procedures virtually in their existing server stocks without the necessities to provision extra equipment.

The LifeSize ControlTM, Version 5.0 video management software now enables IT technicians and staff more easily to deal with critical elements of the network, maintaining a perfect HD video conferencing, even in heterogeneous video environments. LifeSize has designed standing alone release of Control 5.0 software to be applied in any business environment, with new support for LifeSize Desktop and LifeSize Video Center, Google® calendar and scheduling integration.

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