World VoIP NewsNew PointsPhone Platinum Suite for Android UsersNew PointsPhone Platinum Suite for Android Users

New PointsPhone Platinum Suite for Android Users

New PointsPhone Platinum Suite for Android Users
Enterprise, being the prominent industry player in matters of VoIP international calls and smart cell phones, has declared the appearance of its PointsPhone Platinum Suite in USA and Canada, along with integrated new antivirus program, which is designed for smartphones protection against viruses, spyware and malware.
"Incorporation of a virus protection program for your office or laptop PC is now common-place," stated Dennis Chang, President of Voip-Pal. "There are 90 percent of PC consumers implementing some kind of antivirus software. And yet, less than 10 percent of existing smartphone users are using antivirus programs. Majority of smartphone users are neglecting the virus threat and those who are aware the threat don't know what to do to address it. Smartphone sales are surpassing sales of computers. Smartphones are now conquering the world and PC marketplace. Unlike our PCs, we take and bear our smartphones with us everywhere, and due to presence of sensitive financial and personal information stored on our smartphones, smartphones are a gold mine for cyber criminals. Security protection is probably the most important App to download for any smartphone." The PointsPhone Platinum Suite is now presented for all Google Android smartphones, including the new Motorola Atrix and Samsung's Galaxy 4G. The Platinum Suite will be provided along with a one year subscription to a new antivirus program, massive local and international airtime minutes, extensive Voice Mail features and a free North America phone number.

The antivirus program deli8vers automated real-time protection. Memory cards are scanned when they are inserted in order to filter out malware and viruses. A GPS locating system is integrated to follow lost or stolen smartphones. Specific Remote Backup feature is available to backup all data stored on the smartphone in case the smartphone is lost or stolen.

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