World VoIP NewsNew Polycom based Video conferencing service from 8x8New Polycom based Video conferencing service from 8x8

New Polycom based Video conferencing service from 8x8

New Polycom based Video conferencing service from 8x8
Company 8x8, a provider of enterprise level telecommunications and hosted VoIP solutions has released new cost effective user friendly cloud-based video conferencing services to small and medium sized businesses.
The services are designed to benefit nearly all levels businesses from visual collaboration whilst providing an annuity-based recurring revenue stream for authorized resellers and partners. The cloud based service will be based on 8x8's VoIP and video platform and UC solutions and technology manufactured by Polycom.

“The 8x8 Virtual Room, powered by the Polycom UC Intelligent Core, will make it even easier for SMBs to get the most life-like video experience with the highest uptime,” CEO of Polycom Sue Hayden stated.

The conjoined video conferencing solution will integrate 8x8's SIP-based services and the Polycom UC Intelligent Core in an 8x8 Virtual Room service package.

The offer enables consumers to bring up HD video conferencing as another extension to hosted business telecommunications provided by 8x8. On its turn, Polycom UC Intelligent Core is designed to deliver best quality, reliable collaboration to assist SMBs for enhancing productivity and cut associated costs.

“As many in the industry are aware, 8x8 has significant technological expertise in video communications which we've continued to leverage in current offerings such as our 8x8 Virtual Meeting web conferencing service,” said Bryan Martin0, chairman and CEO at 8x8, in a statement.

“By offering UC Everywhere to the SMB market in a new cloud-based model, SMBs will have an unsurpassed experience that is affordable and easy to operate and not dependent on on-site IT resources to manage,” Martin added.

As we informed earlier, 8x8 declared the release of a new Android market designed mobile application, making 8x8 Virtual Office subscribers to utilize their Android-run Smartphone as an extension of business phone service.

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